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Fresh and Unknown

March 11, 2012

I found this sweet, fresh little mesh dress from Sugar when I stumbled upon the Depraved Nation Gatcha Fair.  Chloe and my alt both got rare dresses!  Woot!  It’s going on until the 17th, so be sure you get down there and pick up some great deals.

Also going on this month is the Fresh Unknown Hunt.  It’s been a while since my first post about it, so I’ll remind you about the concept:  The hunt is filled with gifts from newer designers and creators.  These stores have been open for less than 5 months, so expect to find some great new favorite creators as you’re hunting!  This cute skybox is from dirty.little.secret and I’m absolutely in love with the feathery touches throughout the design.  The hunt runs all month, so you’ve got a few more weeks to get out there.  Happy hunting!


Dress | Sugar – Stepford Dress (Blue and Green Poppies, Rare Gatcha Prize)
Hair | Magika – Kiki (B&W Pack)
Shoes | [e] Elikatira – Move Pumps (Smoke)
Skin | Rockberry – Apple (Light, with Freckles)
Eyes | Vision – Eyes by A:S:S – Miroir (Grass)
Freckles | YS&YS – Freckles 3
Tattoo | Vestigium – Zodiac (Leo)

Pose | Evolve – Looking 04

Skybox | Dirty.Little.Secret – Paris Loft Skybox (for the Fresh Unknown Hunt)


52 Weeks of Color, Part Deux – Dandelion

March 8, 2012

I’m playing a bit of catch-up with my color challenge, but I’m getting there.

The focus for this color isn’t just about the look, it’s about this lovely vignette from Zoe’s Garden.  Adele Rhiadra makes me so happy when she creates these little meadows (her Autumn Island is one of my other favorites).

I wasn’t really thinking about it when I was putting this shot together, but Chloe often helps me work through my thoughts while I’m blogging, and today she brought my attention to the fact that spring is right around the corner – daylight saving time is this weekend!  I know most of us haven’t had a “real” winter, and I don’t know about you, but I think I’m subconsciously yearning for spring.  Chloe’s outstretched arms and closed eyes made me realize that I am looking forward to spring.  Embracing it, even.  I’ve had a lot of changes going on in my RL and change is always hard for me.  Change is a scary thing, but it has to happen.  So, as the season changes, hopefully I’ll be welcoming whatever blossoms in my life as much as I’m looking forward to the first dandelions poking their heads out of the grass.

(How spoiled by mesh are we??  I grumbled about this system skirt the whole time I had it on!  LOL)


Dress | Whippet & Buck – Bardot Tartan Tube Dress (Gold)
Hair | Magika – Kiki (B&W Pack)
Skin | Rockberry – Apple (Light, Freckles)
Freckles | YS & YS – Freckles 3
Tattoo | Vestigium – Zodiac (Leo)

Pose | aDORKable Poses – Chill Dork Pack (Chill 10)

Prop | Zoe’s Garden – Interlude with Fence


Love is Weird

February 13, 2012

THANK YOU, REZZIE!  Couldn’ta said it better myself.  Love is weird.  As hell.  So there you have it.  My Valentine’s Day post.  lol


Tee | RezIpsa Loc – Love is Weird Tee
Mouth Conversation Heart | RezIpsa Loc – Heart Mouthie (True Love, Rare Gatcha Prize)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – Rush (Black 04)
Tattoos | Vestigium – Dead Ink (Dark, Sleeves)
Tattoo | Vestigium – Zodiac (Leo)
Skin | YS & YS – Desiree (With Love (Again) From… Hunt Gift)
Freckles | YS&YS -Freckles 3
Eyes | Vision – Eyes by A:S:S – Heterochromia Eyes (Blue)
Nails | RezIpsa Loc – Sparkly Nails (Onyx)
Finger Tape | Nomine – Taped Fingers 1
Jeans | – Designer Jeans (Regular Wash)
Flats | – Basic Flats (Black)

Pose | Evolve – Valentine 6


Blogging is Fun!

January 24, 2012

That’s what I keep trying to remind myself.  Blogging IS fun.  I really enjoy it.  Until I don’t.  But that’s usually my fault and this pic (an unedited snap from SL with the adorable, lacy, girly skirt and corset set from Agnes Finney) and post are here to be my reminders.  And yours, too.  (Provided the scary SL smile doesn’t bother you too much.)

If it makes you happy, do it.  If it doesn’t make you happy…  Why are you doing it?  I’m sure there’s some cute typographical Tumblr quote that says this better than I did, but…  The meaning is the same.  Oooh, and I may have thought of a song lyric…  Nah, never mind, it didn’t quite work.

Right.  Okay, so…  Be happy, my sweets.  ❤


Skirt | Agnes Finney – Remember Me Lace Skirt (Black)
Corset |Agnes Finney – Remember Me (Purple)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – About (Black 04)
Skin | YS & YS – With Love (again) From… (Hunt Gift)
Shoes | – Basic.Pumps (Black)
Eyes | Agnes Finney – Beaute Eyes (Mystical Soul)

Pose | Happy Dance Animation


Fleur du Wicked

October 20, 2011

So, it just so happens that people miss my blog.  Or so I’m told.  And since someone I care about suggested that I get back at it…  Here I am.  I am horrified to realize that Luna’s 52 Weeks of Color challenge is in week fifty while I’m stuck back in week… pfft…  who knows.  I am embarrassed to have been missing hunts and challenges and generous designers as I lost myself in a bit of a stabbity place.  So in the spirit of stabbitiness (unsure) I put together a wicked, angry, fierce little Halloween-esque look that got its inspiration from a fantastic set of eyes by Aymeric Pelazzi of Fleur Du Mâle. Aymeric has a whole line of Alive eyes, which he brings to life by adding prim lights to system eyes.  I popped in the poison colored Drake eyes and totally fell in love with their demonic, inhuman quality and the amazing vivid coloring. I am now in need of some FDM human eyes to wear on a regular basis!

I pulled out some other well loved items from my inventory:  Vita’s Irena hair…  lovelovelove.  SO much fun to photograph.  Ely’s witchy tattoo tint is perfectly done, delivering pretty-ugly flawlessly.  My Gos Curvaceous boots, which are still oh so lick-worthy.  The Memory Wire necklace from the Platinum Hunt (2010!) finally gets to come out and play for a post.  Jux makes sure my body language (please picture Ursula’s hip shake in the Little Mermaid here) says just as much as the rest of me.  And a new love, my Rue horns, get to make an appearance too.

And a close up of the FDM Alive Drake eyes in Succubus.


Hair | Vita’s Boudoir – Irena (Black, Tentacles)
Eyes | Fleur Du Mâle – Alive Drake (Medium, Dark Poison)
Skin Tattoo | Elymode – Tinted Body Tattoo (Witchy Dark)
Horns | Rue – Horn’d/Chirugeon (Wrought Iron- Ribbed)
Top | Vero Modero – Black Bat Corsette
Pants | Deviant Designs – Killer Pants (Black)
Boots | Gos – Curvaceous (Black)
Necklace | Acid & Mala – Messed Memory Wire Necklace (The Platinum Hunt 2010)
Skin | YS & YS – Susan (Skin Fair Gift 2011)
Makeup | Glamorize – Poetic (Eyes and Lips)
Lashes | Cheap Makeup – Vintage Lash 1

Pose | Juxtapose – Heads Will Roll 5


52 Weeks of Color – Eggplant

April 17, 2011

No attempts at wit or humor today.  Just a nice view of the tush of this month’s YS & YS Penelope skin from The Dressing Room.  And a reminder that is having an awesome sale that ends tonight.  Her new items will be on sale next week as a bonus.  Get there!


Skin | YS & YS – Penelope (Flash from TDR)
Hair | – Marie (Emo Black)
Tank | Jane- Intrinsic Tank (Purple Concord)
Shoes | – Journey Boots (Duo Eggplant)
Panties | Luxuria – Cajsa (Black)

Pose | Exposeur- Fashuneesta Pack 3 (Pose 13)

Bed | Magoa – Apoplexy Bed (With Love From… Hunt Gift)



April 5, 2011

Perception is everything, they say.  Well, it may not be everything, but Mattie Rae’s Perception certainly has the selection to make everyone happy.  There are so many eye color choices, I lost count of the number available (my attention span let me get past 30 packs before ditching out on me). I’m sharing a VERY small range of what’s available, randomly chosen for this post.  These eyes are bright and reflective with nice clean whites.  I prefer my irises a little bit smaller than these and there are no size choices in the packs, so if I had a complaint about the product, that would be it.  It must not really bother me, though, because they’re what I’ve been wearing since I got them.

(And somehow my graphics settings magically changed themselves, so I apologize for the lower quality of this photo.)


Eyes | Perception – Sud (1-1), Autumno (8-2), Estate (8-1),  Inverno (6-1), Ovest (1-1)
Hair | Elikatira – Comfort (Black 04)
Skin | YS & YS – Susan (Skin Fair 2011 Gift)
Makeup | Cheap Makeup – Vintage Lash 1
Necklace | Dark Mouse – Pearls Forever (VIP Group Gift)