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Newness, NYC and Viewer Woes

March 31, 2012

That moment when you get overly excited about something small?  Yeah, that.  I’m almost bouncing in my chair (okay, fine, I’m actually in my bed) because I’m so eager to share this stuff with you guys!  But I spent most of the evening trying not to tear my hair out as I tried to take this pic.  I installed the newest Firestorm viewer about a week ago and it’s not performing for me nearly as well as the last release.  So, while I tried to play with DoF and some WL settings, SL choked and sputtered and eventually died, but not before I got one snapshot.  One.  So that’s what you’re getting!

So, there’s a new brand in town and I’m in love with the mesh designs!  {bilo} is having a grand opening sale until… April 8th, I think.  All of their mesh items are 100L, tattoos are 50% off and everything else is 50L!  This dress is a combo of mesh and system clothing and I was shocked and elated to see how well they flowed together.  Some of the best fitting mesh items I’ve worn yet!  Goodness… I must really want you to get over there to check them out because I’m actually getting a SLURL for y’all.  LOL

I’m also in love with a couple of new, exclusive releases that you can find at the Dressing Room Blue.  The sleek pony and fedora hair from LoQ and the sweet Atomic skin made me squee and I had to have them.  Lordy mae…  I must be more excited than I thought, I’m all benevolent and stuffs.  Here’s your taxi to TDRB.

Oh!  And I almost forgot:  This New York City sim was lovely.  I’ll definitely head back there if I need another clean, urban backdrop.  (Although, I’m not sure it’s all that New York-y…  Isn’t the LOVE art/statue/thingum in Philly?)


Dress | Bilo – Annaya (Black, partial mesh)
Hair and Hat | LoQ Hair – Cupcake (Black, for TDRB)
Shoes | SLink – Tiger Heels (Black)
Skin | Atomic – Grace (Buff, Electric, TDRB Exclusive)
Eyes | Vision – Eyes by A:S:S – Herbalist Eyes (Ocimum)
Lashes | Miamai – Catwalk Lashes (Star)
Purse | O&N (Old & New) – Studs Purse (Light Taupe)

Pose | Exposeur – Vixen 9

Sim | New York City


Tiny Goddess

April 19, 2011

I’m a little late in getting this blogged (sorry Agnes!), but I was lucky enough to get my little pixelated paws on the (fairly) new Athena dress from My Precious.  In addition to the white, frothy dress featured here, I also took a look at the red and black version.  It was a wonderful contrast between the two looks, with one version of the goddess innocent and weightless and the other sultry and intense.

I tend to dress Chloe the same way I dress in RL- casual.  When I do have an occasion (read: blog post) to dress up, I feel a bit doll-like.  You know those oversized dolls with the porcelin faces and silken hair?  Put up on the high shelf so she doesn’t get broken when someone accidentally plays with her?  Okay, this connection made sense in my head, but now…  Well, anyway, my non-linear though process took me to being a pretty princess dancer put up on a pedestal, which took me to a pretty princess dancer in the jewelry box.

For whatever reason, I can’t read the name of this Exposeur prop, “Lady Dancer Music Box,” without Elton John’s Tiny Dancer popping into my head, so that’s what I’m telepathically planting in yours as well.


Dress | Agnes Finney’s My Precious – Athena (White)
Hair | Exile – Darla (Twilight for The Dressing Room Blue’s birthday)
Skin | LAQ – Aline (Milky 04)
Lashes | Cheap Makeup – Vintage Lash 1

Pose and Prop | Exposeur – Lady Dancer Music Box