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25 Songs, 25 Days

December 2, 2012

So.  Looks like there’s a blog/Tumblr/Plurk/interwebz challenge going around:  25 Songs, 25 Days.  It’s a simple challenge about music.  Sometimes it’s as basic as what you’re listening to at the moment, some are more meaningful and ask for a song and association to a person or event.


I’m not sure why it’s come up several times recently, but I’ve found myself saying things like, “I’m really glad I’m not an audiophile” or “I’m glad I’m not a music snob” or “I don’t really listen to music that much.”  The first two are definitely true, the third turns out to be less true than I thought.
I am not an audiophile.  I don’t need to adjust my car’s audio system for different types of music, I don’t need my music downloads to be of a certain quality.  I’m happy if I can understand the lyrics and the speakers aren’t blown out.
I am not a music snob.  If I like it, I like it.  I don’t need it to be new or old or unknown or popular or of a certain genre.  I don’t need it to be anything.  I need it to make my ears happy, and even better, I need it to touch me.  So when you listen to music with me, you’re going to hear Carly Rae Jepsen and Andrew Lloyd Weber and Volbeat and The Civil Wars and Lady Gaga and The Infamous Stringdusters and god knows what else.  AND YOU’RE GOING TO LIKE IT.  No, not that last part, not really.  I don’t care if you don’t like it.  I like it.
I don’t listen to music that much.  That one… is less true.  Honestly, I have nothing playing in my house right now, the only things I hear are my typing and the dog snuffling around in her bed.  I often drive all the way to work in the morning without turning the radio on.  But while I don’t listen to it as often as some people do, it’s still important to me.  It’s still an important element of my life.

All of that came together in my head when I thought about doing this challenge.  Originally, I said, “Nahhhh, I’m not into music enough to do that,” but I really do have a soundtrack that plays when my life flashes before my eyes.  I have songs that are linked with time frames, with places, with people, with events.  I have songs that I rely on to bring me up, to cradle me when I’m down, to give me release when I need it.  Music is a part of my life, even when it doesn’t get acknowledged that much.

But, today, and for the next 24 days, we’re going to acknowledge it.
Day 1: A song from your childhood.

For this song I’m choosing Mike and the Mechanics’ In the Living Years.  I can remember being out in my father’s garage with my sister, pretending that we were little baby greasemonkeys right along with him.  I can remember our lofty attempts at helping him by fetching wrenches and rags often evolved into drawing summer landscapes with chalk on the concrete floor.  I can remember the incessant teasing and the fighting that my sister and I used to do.   I can remember my millwright father, looking like a dark-haired version of Harley Davidson Santa, a man who should be listening to Charlie Daniels or Steppenwolf, listening to smooth jazz instead.  I can remember that in between Boney James and Andreas Vollenweider, a few “popular” songs would play on his favorite radio station.  One of the songs was In the Living Years.  I can remember that, on occasion, he would tell my sister and me to listen to that song and realize that we would be devastated if anything ever happened to the other.  This little life lesson, this emotional tidbit from a very stoic man has stuck with me for my whole life.  So maybe not a very childlike one, but this is a song that makes me think of my childhood.


(It also will reappear on day three, so I apologize for the repeat in advance.)


Comfortable in Your Own Skin

December 16, 2011

So there’s been quite a buzz today about Anya Ohmai’s exclusive Collabor88 fox scarf.  Personally, I think it’s adorable and I snatched it up the moment I saw it, but it turns out there are some people out there in the metaverse who feel that this sort of item, bought and sold in Second Life, promotes animal cruelty (and somehow racism) in our real lives.  Generally speaking, SL drama doesn’t touch me, aside from the chuckles I get when reading my Plurk timeline.  But this topic struck me… differently today.  (Don’t get me wrong, I think this is the most ridiculous thing to be upset about and I’m rolling my eyes pretty hard at the people complaining about it, but it did get me thinking.)

How far will I take my RL views into SL?  I’ve evolved to a place in my second life that Chloe is pretty much me.  Chloe dresses like me, she’s as antisocial as I am, her wit is dry enough that most people don’t get her quiet jokes, she remains aloof and scoffs at the masses, but secretly envies those who seem to have a network of friends around them.  My RL info in my SL profile states: To say that RL and SL don’t mix is a preposterous idea.  My thoughts and my feelings are all real behind the pixels.  I care about the people in my SL and yeah, of course they affect my RL mood and thoughts.  But where does one cross that line?  You’re an animal activist in RL, so you won’t wear, and protest against, a digital fox scarf?  If you’re that dedicated, then I either admire your passion or am saddened by your ignorance.  I know, I know, harsh right?  But I’m comfortable saying that.  To you, to the interwebz, to anyone.  Because that’s part of who I am in RL and SL.  I try to remember my mantra of “Honest but Gentle,” but it often gets pushed aside by my smart mouth and condescending tone.  Anyway, I guess what I’m getting at is that I’m comfortable in my own skin and will be true to myself in pixels or in the flesh, but I know where the line exists between fantasy and reality.

So for tonight, I’ll pay homage to the poor, sweet arctic fox and his sacrifice for fashion.  Comfortable as it is, I’m giving up my skin for him.


Skin | Nomine – Raw Skin
Stole | Ohmai for Collabor88 – A Lil’ Foxy (Arctic Fox)
Hair | Elikatira – Rhythm (Black 04)
Eyes | Vision – Eyes by A:S:S – Heterochromia Eyes (Blue)

Pose | Juxtapose – Brrrr… 5


I’ve Lost My Way

July 4, 2011

A fitting title for this lovely necklace from Dark Mouse as well as for the last month or so of my SL/RL/whateverL.  I mentioned in my last post (I know!  Two in 24 hours!) that I’ve been MIA for a while.  I apologize to those designers/creators that sent me anything lately, I haven’t been able to get your items blogged.  Fifty lashes with a wet noodle for me.  Anyway, life has been piling it on.  Both good and not so good, but busy any way you look at it.  So I’ve been feeling a little lost and displaced and frazzled lately and I couldn’t resist this necklace that Mouse put out for Moody Mondays.  With a name like I’ve Lost My Way, it almost seems to be calling out with a promise to lend me a little direction.  And even if it doesn’t, its lovely style with perfect details (the cord for the pendant actually goes through the chain on one side and not on the other – cute!) will make me feel a little more put together.


Necklace | Dark Mouse – I’ve Lost My Way (55L for Moody Mondays)
Tank | Jane – Intrinsic Tanks (Milk)
Hair | Elikatira – Early (Black 04)
Skin | LAQ – Aline Glow (Milky, 10)
Lashes | Cheap Makeup (Vintage Lash 1 and Chubby Bottom Lashes 5)
Eyes | Vision – Eyes by A:S:S – Heterochromia Eyes (Blue and Hazel)
Nails | RezIpsa Loc – Poppy Nails

Pose | Exposeur – Iced (Redux 6)



Pride and Reality Substitution

May 1, 2011

So, I was thinking about pride.  I was feeling very sure of myself in my (silent and internal) assertion that pride is, in fact, not a deadly sin.  I was even prepared to pull out the dictionary definition to support my brilliant train of thought.  Alas, my theory that pride was neutrally or even positively connotative (connotated?) was not as solid as I thought.  But since this is my blog, I will (in the words of the great Adam Savage …or the writers of 1985′s The Dungonmaster –who knew??), “reject your reality and substitute my own.”  So, what that means to you is that for the next minute or so, depending on how quickly you read, you will assume that pride is a good thing and only a sin when found in excess, and therefore no longer pride, but hubris or conceit or something of that nature.

Anyway, the whole point of this is to acknowledge something I’m proud of.  (Which brings up a whole new conversation about feeling pride for states of being or accomplishments that are not your own, but we’re not going into that right now.)

I am very proud of my sisters’ determination and perseverance in working toward their weight loss goals.  Whatever their reasons- health, appearance, fitness, all of the above- they are sticking to their self-imposed restrictive diets and exercise plans.  Heck, one of them is even willing to get back on roller skates after breaking her ankle and becoming the bionic woman.  I know how hard it is to keep up the momentum on a resolution like that (I can’t even get through making a resolution, for Pete’s sake) and I admire them for it.

So that’s all.  I’m proud.  For them and of them.  And there’s nothing sinful about that.

Keep it up, girls.  Love you so much!


30 (or….79) Days of Truth – DAY 30!!!!!!!!

February 3, 2011

Okay, this really IS going to happen.  A combination of life, procrastination and difficulty with the topic has kept me from completing this stupid meme.  Now granted, the latter two items certainly conspired together a little bit more than I’d like to admit, but the former really did play a part too.  Fine… a little part.  Anyway, those two are attempting to inhibit me yet again, so… Let’s get to it…

Day 30 → A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

I keep reading this prompt over and over again and uttering a derisive snort-like laugh as I see the emphasized EVERYTHING.  As if I’m going to be so overwhelmed by the amount of love I have for myself that I must be coaxed to go ahead and put it all down on paper and not worry about feeling arrogant.  Yeah, that’s definitely what’s been holding me back.  Right.  Anyway, after many days of intermittent thought directed at this stupid post, I’ve come up with a list of a few things that I can say I *coughs* love about myself.  Okay, here’s the thing.  I don’t love the word love.  I think it’s bandied about too often and find that it’s overused in romantic, platonic and self-related situations.  Fine, fine, while this is a true thought process, it doesn’t really apply to my situation here.  I just don’t LOVE anything about myself, damnit.  But, for the sake of the exercise, I picked a few things that I like about myself (maybe even really, really like about myself) and called it love.  (Yes, I’m batting my eyes and picturing stars and hearts and doves flying about my head in a circle right now.)  So, we’ve addressed the love portion of the prompt.  Now on to the letter portion, which I tend to snort at as well, btw.  But we’re playing along here, right?  So I said to myself, “Self…”

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30 Days of Truth – Day 29

January 13, 2011

Day 29 → Something you hope to change about yourself.  And why.

Ugh.  Talk about timing…  This has been a week full of self-loathing and self-pity.  So asking me that question right now gets you the answer: everything.  But I suppose that’s not altogether practical.  Damn.

This is actually something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, you know, with the introspection and joblessness and depression and whatnot.  I can find plenty of faults but not that many solutions.  And even when I’m able to recognize a flaw — What did you say?  Ohhh, right, we’re not using realistic words like “flaw” anymore.  Too negative, obviously.  Right.  —  Even when I’m able to recognize a characteristic of mine that I’d like to change, I’m not usually… something enough to follow through with it.

Now, I’m not promising to follow through with this either, but I suppose there is something binding about putting pen to paper, so to speak.  The behavior(s) that I will be trying to recognize and change is my intolerance.  For myself and others.  I’m impatient and harsh and judgmental.  Among other things.  I suppose I’ve been trying to change this part of myself since I was a teenager, so I’ve had a lot of practice but not much success.  No, thank you, I don’t want your help.  You’re already bugging me.  LOL   But I refused you nicely, didn’t I??


30 Days of Truth – Day 28

January 11, 2011

Day 28 → What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

Right now?  After the initial pissed off exclamation of, “Damnit!  I’ve been telling people for YEARS that accidents don’t really happen!,” I’d be really excited.  And scared.  And all the other feelings that future moms have when they find out they have a tiny human growing inside of them.  I am a paranoid and private enough person that I wouldn’t tell anyone for a while.  Excitement and/or physical side effects (Is that what you call them?  Pregnancy really is like a disease or parasite, so I guess side effects works as well as anything) would probably get the better of me in about a week or so and I’d tell the hubs.  I don’t know how long I could go without telling Mom, I suppose that would all depend on what part of the phone conversation cycle we were in.  No one else would find out until the second trimester.  Too many things go wrong during the early weeks, or more accurately perhaps, too many things don’t go right.  It happens.  And that’s something I’m prepared to deal with, but I don’t need to deal with everyone else too.  Mourning, among other things, is something I prefer to do privately.

That’s a very different answer than the one I would have given you 10 years ago.  Or even 5 years ago.  And I reserve the right to have a different answer tomorrow if I want to.  I think that becoming a parent is a very important and conscious decision that an adult needs to make.  And I don’t mean that you need to patch your 17 year old family together and get married to some boy that’s gonna bolt whether he’s married or not.  I don’t see parenthood as a default.  Right now, it’s not a choice I’m making.  On purpose.  Because I can’t do what I think I need to do for a child right now.  But it wouldn’t be a problem to make those lifestyle changes and it’s not something that’s too far in my future.  5 years ago I was in (almost) as stable of a place in my life, but I don’t know if my reaction would have been excitement.  And I don’t know if that pregnancy would have resulted in a birth.  I think that we’d have a lot more well adjusted adults out there if more parents and potential parents actually thought about what is best and not what is expected.