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Not Late, but Early

February 10, 2011

I don’t pretend to be an SL fashionista.  I usually have no idea when new stuff comes out.  I usually don’t care when new stuff comes out.  (Except for those damn Gos boots, I had to have those…)  I don’t care who or where or when my avi’s elements come from as long as I like the way they look.  I mean, I still wear my Decoy jeans from… hell… two years ago.  They were one of my first purchases in SL and I adore them and wear them all the time.  So, I’m typically pretty oblivious to the comings and goings of SL creations.

But today I had a little gem of a notecard waiting for me when I logged in.  Elikatira had released a couple of new hairstyles yesterday.  And one of them…  I can’t tell you how hard it is to find short hair in SL.  But Elika made my day with this one.  She probably made my month with this one.  I pulled up her Marketplace store in my browser and sent a few demos on their way.  (Now picture me bald, tapping my foot on a pose stand waiting for them to be delivered.)  I popped on her Early style and ran sobbing to Plurk to proclaim that my face was too fat to wear the pixie haircut that I’ve been searching for.  But, never fear, it was only a minor, elf-ear-related malfunction and once rectified, I ran back over to Marketplace and snatched up the Essentials pack for Early.


The Essentials pack is perfect for me because I’m in the midst of a hair color transition at the moment.  I used to be a redhead 100% of the time and that’s when I started searching for this hairstyle, so I had to have a red.  But for the past few months, I’ve been wearing darkdark brown or black with a few days of snow white thrown in for good measure.  Anyway, all the rambling winds down to this:  Go get it, it’s super cute!  Amazing style, great texture (as I hear is par for the course with Elikatira) and a great price for the quality that you receive.


Hair | Elikatira – Early (White 05, Red 08, Black 04)
Skin | LAQ – Aline (Milky 06)
Lashes | Cheap Makeup (Vintage Lash 1)
Shirt | – Longsleeve Boatneck Tee (White)

Pose | Exposeur – Shameless Flirt 4


Happy Accident

February 9, 2011

Don’t ya hate when you’re just playing around and you take a pretty shot with no effort put into it?  Well, I guess I love it, because I took a cute pic of myself.  But DAMNIT, why can’t it be that easy when I want it to happen??

Credits (as best as I can remember them offhand at the moment):

Scarf | Indyra Originals – Brigadier Scarf
Top | – Boatneck Long Sleeve Tee (White)
Jeans | – Designer Jeans (Medium Wash)
Boots | Gos – Curvaceous (Color Change – Black)
Glasses | Fishy Strawberry – College Glasses
Hair | Lamb – DIY Haircut (Ink)
Skin | Nomine – Dollskin (Peach)


Ely Love

January 29, 2011

I’ve mentioned in the past that the lovely and talented Elysium Eilde’s SL photography and design blog, Photographing Second Life, is what really drew me into SL.  I had logged in and out on various avatars, made some friends, explored some sims, but didn’t really find much purpose.  I started Google-ing for SL blogs and images and found this whole world of photography and fashion and design.  Now I toddle along behind some amazing creators and try to take pretty pictures of their designs.  I am having so much fun with SL photography and photo editing and I have Ely to thank for that.  I also blame her for the serious shopping addiction I now have as well.  I keep spending the lindens to find the pretties.  And when I’m feeling broke enough that I don’t even look at the FLF specials, Ely saves the day.  Ely is one of the generous creators that inspire a loyal customer base with her years of RL and SL experience as a foundation topped by amazing style and creative designs.  Her fantastic group gifts are the cherry on top.  She recently sent out the Ellen Sweater to her group members before releasing it in her stores.  Yes, it’s a pay group.  But her gifts come pretty regularly and are top quality.  Gah…  I’m rambling.  As usual.  Anyway, the point:  Ely makes awesome stuff.  Ely is crazy generous.  Ely has so much passion for her creations that it spills out and inspires even the least creative folks (me!) to look for an outlet of their own.  Anyway, I’m feeling a lot of Ely and Ellen love tonight.


Sweater | *elymode* – Ellen Sweater  (Light Purple)
Skirt | *elymode* – Ellen Mini Skirt (Purple)
Top | *elymode* – Shorties Jumper (Light Purple)
Skin | [ROCKBERRY] – Uma Happy Holidays Hunt (Light)
Lashes | Cheap Makeup – Vintage Lash 1
Hair | Magika – Cinta (B & W Pack)
Shoes | – Basic Flats (Purple)

Pose | *xoxo ania* – Simple Stand 09b


Bodice and BAX

December 21, 2010

Rai Blaylock has the (dubious?) honor of being featured in my first post as a fashion blogger.  She was generous enough to send some review copies my way and I am up way too late getting a cute pic put together for her.  She reached out to some Plurkers and I’m sure they enjoyed her sexy little numbers as much as I did.  The two )*Bodice*( pieces are on sale for the holidays and are sure to inspire your special someone to utter a Hohoho on Christmas morning.  The babydoll comes in four colors and I picked the traditional red- the color and the fur edging called out to me and I had to slip on my new BAX Prestige color-change boots to really get into the spirit.  I tried on all six colors of the Santa’s Helper lingerie before I settled on the blue (matched the BAX boots beautifully) as a little tribute to my honey’s holiday of Hanukah.  Santa wouldn’t want him to be left out, would he??  I absolutely love the little bow details on this set.  They mixed the sweet with the sexy and who doesn’t love that combo?  Not only were they sexysweet, but they actually fit my avvie with very little adjustment.  I’ve given Chloe a bit more curve and I’ve had trouble with prims needing a lot of help before they fit around my thighs and tush.  Rai must like an hourglass shaped figure too!  😉  I did edit out one “flaw,” if you can call it that, since it’s gridwide, but I touched up a bit of *ahem* camel toe that Chloe had going on.  Nothing major, just wanted to mention it in the interest of full disclosure.  Anyway, enough of my rambling.  The pics and details:


Outfit #1

Lingerie | )*Bodice*( – Santa’s Babydoll (Red)
Boots | BAX – Prestige Boots (Dark Red)
Skin | Glam Affair – Nina (With Love From Glam Affair)
Hair | Magika – Cinta (B & W Pack)
Pose | *xoxo ania* – Simple Stand 09

Outfit #2

Lingerie | Bodice – Santa’s Helper (Blue)
Boots | BAX – Prestige Boots (Blue)
Skin | Glam Affair – Nina (With Love From Glam Affair)
Hair | Magika – Cinta (B & W Pack)
Pose | Di’s Opera – Happy Holidays! 2


52 Weeks of Color – Goldenrod

November 20, 2010

Not much to say today, other than I love this pic and that I’m worried about the rest of the year.  LOL   I’m depending more on the landscape than my outfit for my “goldenrod,” but I still love it for this week.  Finding this sim was a happy accident and I fell head over heels and risked looking like a fool to shoot there even though there was a hunt going on.  Short and sweet, on to the good stuff:


Hair | Magika – Diamond (Blonde Honey / Platinum Hunt Gift, modded)
Dress | Boho – Aya Love with Bohemain Flair Skirt (Special Edition Platinum Hunt Gift)
Feet | SLink – Jolie Pied Barefeet Flat
Skin | LAQ – Aline Glow 06 (Milky)
Makeup | Djinn & Tonic (Sweetly)
Eyes | Poetic (Poison Ivy)
Pose | Posies – Take My Hand
Shape | Custom


52 Weeks of Color – Blue

November 14, 2010

Blue. My shoulders sagged when I saw what Luna’s Color Challenge was this week. I have a strange confession to make. I hate the color blue. HATE it. Which is an odd thing to say because I think clear blue skies are beautiful, I think the deep blue ocean is gorgeous, I think the wild blue chicory growing by the side of the road is lovely. But when it comes to clothes, blue is the last color I would wear. Ever. So, it’s even more interesting that, despite the DEEP digging I had to do in my inventory to come up with the couple of blue pieces I did find, I really enjoyed putting together these photos.
I’ll go ahead and give you a two-for-one on the confessions while I’m at it. I know very few people read my blog, that plenty of the hits are Envi (Hi honey, thanks for reading! *mwah*) and that I have no one’s expectations to live up to but my own, but… (And that’s a big “but.”) But I have… performance anxiety? Blog anxiety? I feel this pressure to turn out something decent so I won’t be TOO embarrassed to share with all of the fabulous SL bloggers and photographers I have on my Plurk TL. Now, I don’t have the endurance or the desire to regularly update and I can’t spend any more lindens than I do without going broke as it is, so I can’t quite keep up with all the fashion hoopla, but I was able to teach myself a wee bit of photo editing. Basically, I’m addicted to GIMP now. I want to edit everything. I’m checking out other people’s Flickr pages and trying to recreate effects and emotions that I see and I’m coming up with a bit of a style of my own. I’m getting better, but I’m still not… satisfied? enthusiastic? proud? of many of my photos. And… that whole ramble boils down to two things: I have very little confidence in my skillz and I over-edit as compensation for having no real knowledge of graphical/illustrative/creative whatnot.
I fully intended to work on these some more, making the background go with the blue theme a bit more, but… I kinda love them as they are. So. Here you have it. My unedited, straight from SL, blue blog photos. Enjoy.

Hair | *TSM* – Shroom (LE Dark Shines Blue)
Shirt | – Longsleeve Boatneck.Tee (White)
Bottoms – KHUSH – GeGe (Blue)
Arm Warmers | [Plastik] – Leo Warmer (Psyche)
Necklace | Tea Lane – Bouvier Orange Pearl Necklace
Heels | Tea Lane – Eve Bouvier Orange Heels
Pose, Photo 1 | Exposeur – High Fashion 10
Pose, Photo 2 | Exposeur – High Fashion 4

Windlight Preset | [TOR] SCIFI – Shilarto


52 Weeks of Color – Grey

November 8, 2010

So, I’m going to try participating in Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. I would love to do a 365, but I really can’t be arsed to post every day, so I’m hoping that every week is more to my speed.
I’m kinda cheating this week, because I just got home from vacation and am still feeling terribly jet lagged. But I HAD to get a quick SL and GIMP fix, so I took this snap while I was fiddling with shadows (which worked onscreen, but not in the picture, btw, weird). It’s not a great representation of grey or the challenge, but I wanted to get started on the challenge before I got swamped in the return-from-vacay-crash-that-makes-you-want-to-never-leave-the-house-again feeling. So, without further ado, I present to you, GREY:

Hair | Magika – Rebecca (B&W: Grey)
Tattoo | .:Acid & Mala Creations:. – Boho Tattoo (Colorable Grey) for Project Themeory
Shoes | Maitreya Gold – Esprit (Black)
Skin | LAQ – Aline Glow 06 (Milky)
Eyes | Poetic Eyes (Lava Dust)
Makeup | Djinn & Tonic (Sweetly)
Shape and Pose | Me