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May 1, 2012

Nope, this isn’t a Color Week post, it’s a title based on my disposition.  I swear, I’ll write a post when I’m happy one of these days.  Really.  But until then…

Ever have those moments?  Grey, dull, lifeless, uninteresting?  With occasional shots of color?  Vibrancy?  Yeah, that.


Dress | Jane – Tank Dress Chevron (Raven)
Shoes | – Basic Pumps (Red)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – Again (Black 04)
Skin | My Ugly Dorothy – Fairy of Ord (Seasons Gatcha)

Skybox | A:S:S – Aeon 2 Skybox (for Lazy Sunday)

Pose | PDA – Ulan Bator (for December Collabor88)


Decades of Practice

April 17, 2012

A:S:S has done it again.  Not only can you get eyes (some of my faves!) and skyboxes and makeups and clothing and jewelry and body mods (and more) from Another Stupid tShirt Shop, they now are offering 18th century fashion for men: A:S:S Decades!  There are already several styles within this line and Riley is wearing a combination of two of them for this post.

So.  Riley.  My malt (male alt, for those who are unfamiliar with that term and less engrossed in their second lives, lol).  I’m trying really hard to turn him into something… masculine.  I’m having some issues, lol.  So bear with me while I feature him a bit more as he evolves, okay?  But I’m cutting myself some slack since you guys have had a lot of practice being manly and I’m only now giving it a shot.  😉


Shirt | A:S:S Decades – Gerard Shirt
Vest and Cuffs | A:S:S Decades – Louis (Rose)
Pants | A:S:S Decades – Silhouette Breeches (Dove)
Stockings | A:S:S Decades – Plain Silk Stockings (Rose)
Hair | Shag – This Charming Man (Raven)
Prim Ears | Acide! – Perle Mes Oreilles (from The Men’s Dept)
Skin | Fruk – Knox, The Gent (Shade 3, from The Men’s Dept)
Facial Hair | Fruk – Fruke Face Fuzz (The Stinger Beard, from The Men’s Dept)
Shape | Fruk – Luke Shape (from The Men’s Dept)
Eyes | MADesigns – Intense (Shocked)

Pose | PDA – It’s Only Life (from The Men’s Dept)


52 Weeks of Color, Part Deux – Dark Raspberry

March 8, 2012

Yep.  Dark Raspberry:


Skirt | Jane – Lillith Maxi Skirt (Blush)
Top | Jane – Intrinsic Tank (Fawn)
Boots | Decoy – Jully Boots (Raspberry)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – Me (Brown 08)
Skin | Mynerva – Milena (Cream)
Makeup | Mynerva – GG Full Face
Eyes | Vision – Eyes by A:S:S – Heterochromia Eyes (Blue)
Tattoo | Vestigium – Zodiac (Leo)

Pose | pda – Melochord Seventy-Five


Shadows and Mesh

January 4, 2012

I’ve been playing with shadow settings in Firestorm lately.  And windlight settings.  And projector settings.  And local lights settings.  And and and.  AND I keep getting… lackluster results.  Anyway, I’ll keep playing.  And you’ll keep being subjected to my attempts and brilliance.  (Ha!  Funneh, I know!)

But speaking of brilliant…  Ely Eilde has been playing with mesh.  Which makes me happy in my pants.  This sweater dress has been out for a little while now, but I hadn’t had a chance to take a pic of it yet.  I have NO idea how I ended up with a shot from behind, but…  that’s what we’ve got.



Dress | *elymode* – Annette Sweater Dress (Black/Pink)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – Rush (Black 04)
Boots | Gos – Curvaceous Boots (Black)
Skin | Nomine – Papillon China (Deadly Wormwood)
Finger Tape | Nomine – Taped Fingers 1

Pose | (pda) – The Same Thing (for Collabor88)


Peace on Earth

December 2, 2011

I’m not ready to accept the fact that it’s winter.  Nope.  December 2nd?  I don’t care.  I’m not ready for cold.  I’m not ready for Christmas shopping.  I’m not ready for holiday travel.  I’m not ready for staticy hair.  I’m not ready for Christmas music…  gawd…  Anyway, can you tell I’m not ready?  So today’s post is in a very special spring meadow, protesting the change of season.

But I SUPPOSE there are a few things I’m ready for, and one of them is the Peace On Earth 4 Hunt.  I got my Rockberry-lovin’ fingers on the POE4 hunt gift and it’s just gorgeous.  Lovely dark, yet casual, makeup for winter.  And freckles!  Yay!  (There’s a non-freckled option too, but I don’t know why you’d want it, lol.)


Skin | Rockberry – Apple (Light, Freckles) POE4 Hunt Gift
Dress | Tiny Bird – Painted Flower Dress (Nude)
Hair | Elikatira – With (Black 04)
Eyes | Perception – Inverno (2-1)

Pose | (pda) – Pack One for Collabor88 (The Living World)


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2011

Happy (early) Turkey Day to all of you out there!

RezIpsa Loc resurrected her patchwork turkey tees for the holiday and popped ’em in a Gatcha machine for 25L.  I think they’re just adorable.  (And the back of the tee is a vrrrrry deep, sexy scoop, so make sure you tell her we want more like that.)

So, here’s a supa-dupa quick snapshot that I took inworld.  I’m trying to be less of a perfectionist and more of a blogger, so I didn’t do anything to this pic besides crop it.  Just a FUN, quickie post for y’all (and for me!).


Tee | RezIpsa Loc – Turkey Patch-Work T-Shirt (Red)
Jeans | – Designer Jeans (Regular Wash)
Hair | Elikatira – Soft (Black 04)
Skin | Illusory – Milk Tone (Collabor88 Exclusive)
Freckles | Tiny Bird – Light, Glossed Skin (Collabor88)
Makeup | Cheap Makeup – Vintage Lash 1

Pose | PDA – Mystery Mail (Collabor88 Pack One)