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Maai, Maai and More Maai

October 24, 2012

Just a quick post, but there were too many pretties to pass up.  Maai has been doing some amazing mesh stuff lately.  Go check it out.


Outfit 1:
Dress | Maai – Luna Laced Dress (Red)
Shoes | Maai – Supergirl Pumps (Red)
Hair | Elikatira [e] – Theory (Black 04)
Skin | Glam Affair – Roza (Natural Summer 01)
Earrings | Je Suis – Eternelle Earrings (Culture Shock)
Eyes | A:S:S – Herbalist Eyes (Ocimum)
Lipstick | Illusory – Love Lips (Burnt Red)
Makeup | Cheap Makeup – Babs Lashes 8
Makeup | Cheap Makeup – Vintage Lash 1

Pose | Exposeur – High Fashion 5

Outfit 2:
Dress | Maai – Danika Corset Dress (Black)
Hair | Elikatira [e] – Figure (Black 04)
Shoes | – Basic.Pumps (Black)
Skin | Illusory – Love (Milk, Frenchie)
Ring | HANDverk – Serpent Ring (Green, from Arcade Gacha)
Eyes | A:S:S – Herbalist Eyes (Ocimum)
Lipstick | Illusory – Love Lips (Burnt Red)
Makeup | Cheap Makeup – Babs Lashes 8
Makeup | Cheap Makeup – Vintage Lashes 1

Pose | Exposeur – Camille


Taking a Closer Look

July 5, 2012

Think she’ll find what she’s looking for?

There’s a new round of Fluid going on and it’s just as hot as this summer’s been.  It’s going until the 14th, so stop by and check out the “Risque” props and poses.  With the subcategories of S&M, Voyeurism & Exhibitionism and Burlesque, it’s sure to make for some steamy nights.

(Items in the second round of Fluid will be noted in blue.)

Dress | Ducknipple – Mesh Dress Lila (Truth District BDay Event)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – Rush (Black 04)
Heels | MAAI – Supergirl Plastic Pumps (Black)
Skin | Lara Hurley – Katya (Milky Tone)
Eyes | Vision by A:S:S – Intense (Jungle, Clear)
Lashes | Cheap Makeup – Verna 3
Tattoo | Vestigium – Zodiac (Leo)

Props and Pose | Tranquility Way Station – Take a Closer Look Chair and Binoculars 


The Sky is Falling!

June 14, 2012

Nah, I guess it’s not really falling, is it?  But it sure feels like it sometimes!  Things are crazy here- some good, some not so good.  What’s falling on me right now?  Prep work for my new teaching job!  So yay for that, but like all teaching gigs, the unpaid prep hours tend to get lengthy.  The result?  A sadface and much less time with my peeps on Plurk and inworld.

However, I still have my little feelers out there in SL-land, so I have a couple of things to tell you about.
The Mesh Around hunt is almost over!  You’ve got a couple more days to go and get all the meshy goodies.  (Oh!  And on the mesh note, I have made a couple of tweaks to my shape after reading some blog posts and tutorials and am much happier with how things are fitting.)
As Mesh Around wraps up, Fluid begins!  Fluid is a pose and prop centric, theme-based event that cycles on two-week rotations.  So, what that means is that we have 12 designers creating around a theme (this rotation is Summer Fun) and their items will be available at Fluid for their two week period.  So expect to find some great beach, amusement park and picnic poses, props, animations and furniture at this rotation, which begins June 15th and runs until June 30th.  I’m using one of the cute hula poses from Bent as part of my drama llama, Chicken Little pic.

(Hunt gifts from Mesh Around will be noted in blue.
Items in the first round of Fluid will be italicized in blue.)

Skirt | Evolve – Dandy Skirt (Ecru)
Shirt | Tree and Ocean SL (TOSL) – Highland Plaid Shirt (B&W)
Shoes and Socks | MAAI – Sugar Buckled Heels (Black, with Color-change Socks)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – About (Black 04)
Skin | Illusory – Love (Milk Tone, Daydream Makeup)
Bracelet | Earthstones – Tumbled Stone Bracelet (Night Sky)
Ring | Whippet & Buck – Enough of That Ring (Navy)
Eyes | Vision by A:S:S – Intense (Jungle, Clear)

Pose | BENT – Hula 5


Blogger Bubble

May 27, 2012

Lookie here…  Two posts in as many days…  We’ll have to hope that this bubble doesn’t burst too soon!

ADORKable poses has an adorable pose and prop giftie out at her shop right now.  It’s a set of speech bubbles that reflect various aspects of SLife, and if they don’t give you a chuckle or two, you just haven’t been in SL long enough.

Here’s another little tease of a sweet design from Designer Prims that can be found at the Home and Garden Expo.



Dress | BeReckless – Mesh Spring Dress (Flowers/Blue)
Shoes | MAAI – Supergirl Plastic Pumps (Dark Purple)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – Again (Black 04)
Skin | Illusory – Love (Milk, Frenchie)
Eyes | Vision by A:S:S – Intense Eyes (Water, Clear)
Lashes | Cheap Makeup – Verna 3
Tattoo | Vestigium – Zodiac (Leo)

Pose and Prop | aDORKable Poses – Blogger Bubble (Bubble 1)

Props | Designer Prims – Little Beach House

(Now, I’m going to do something I don’t normally do, but I don’t want any misconceptions either.  I did edit out some elements that I viewed as flaws in the cute little summer dress from BeReckless, including a large seam on one side and some gaps where the alpha layer extended beyond the mesh dress.  Obviously I didn’t find them to be offensive enough to keep me from wearing the dress.  I thought it was cute and summery and I knew I could fix it for the post.)


Back to Blogging

May 26, 2012

I missed this!  I missed you!  All of you!  I have (hopefully) ironed out all of my viewer and computer problems and should be back to regular SLife as I know it!  For the moment, I’m not quite back up to speed, after getting back from overseas, dealing with a nasty Swedish cold and now car troubles in a state I do not reside in, but…  I soon will be!  Right now, I have a quickie post for you.

Designer Prims has a few items out at the Home and Garden Expo that are really lovely.  This house, aptly named A Place Less Ordinary, is just great.  Modern, clean and well done.  Hopefully the tiny hint you can see in this pic will get you moving down to the expo to check out the whole thing.
I’m wearing a great mesh dress from MAAI, as well as a pair of their heels…  Wish I could pull off a dress that short in RL…
I have a mesh complaint.  Has nothing to do with MAAI, their designs and execution are wonderful.  But with mesh in general, and I guess standard sizing…  I want the busts to be smaller.  Is that weird?  An uncommon complaint?  Who wants smaller boobs??  This girl!  I feel like the breasts keep the same cup, regardless of what size mesh item you put on.  Anyway…  Random complaint.
And MORE meshy goodness, though you can hardly see them:  eyes from A:S:S!  I’ll get a closeup for you soon!


Dress | MAAI – Rey (Violet)
Heels | MAAI – Supergirl Plastic Pumps (Beige)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – Again (Black 04)
Skin | Illusory – Love (Milk, Frenchie)
Eyes | Vision by A:S:S – Peili (Olive, Clear Whites)
Lashes | Cheap Makeup – Verna 3
Tattoo | Vestigium – Zodiac (Leo)

Pose | Exposeur – Top Model All-Stars Intros (Camille)

Props | Designer Prims – A Place Less Ordinary


52 Weeks of Color Challenge, Part Deux – Coral

January 18, 2012

I’m late!  But it’s okay.  Because I did it.  And I actually had fun with it despite having such a difficult time finding coral in my inventory.  I try not to buy too many items specifically for the color challenge because, well, I find it less challenging that way.  (And I’m attempting to stop spending so many lindens.)  Anyway, Rezzie Luckstone put out a couple of adorable coral items to help the bloggers.  She’s planning to have an item or two for every color week at her store, RezIpsa Loc.  So yeah, since I’m late, I did go right to her cute tee and tights for this outfit.

I should mention, this Ugly Dorothy Skin can be found at the Seasons Gatcha Winter Edition going on right now and is a steal for a super cute, fresh, innocent skin.


Tee | RezIpsa Loc – Low-cut T-Shirt (Coral)
Skirt | Royal Blue – Frou Frou You You Skirt (Ink)
Shoes with Socks | Maai – Sugar Buckled Heels (Color Change)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – Rush (White 05)
Necklace | Royal Blue – Bow Good Times Necklace (Duo 2)
Skin | My Ugly Dorothy – Fairy of Ord (Seasons Gatcha)
Lipstick | Tuli – Elusive Lips (Orange)
Lip Makeup | la petite morte – Orange Strip Lips
Eyes | Vision – Eyes by A:S:S – Heterochromia Eyes (Blue)
Lashes | LeLutka – 2011 Lashes (Curl)

Pose | Di’s Opera – Platinum 4

NOTE:  Items in this pic have been edited.