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March 2, 2010

Well kids, you’re in trouble now.  I’ve started playing with photo editing.  (Which, btw, I cannot say out loud without slurring.)  I have put together a little cloning photo for your viewing enjoyment.  I “celebrated” my rezday yesterday with a new friend, Envi Teardrop, who was trusting enough to share “Envi’s Secret Spot” with me.  We did some exploring on this gorgeous sim and were chatting when I realized it was my rezday.  He surprised me with wonderful companionship (no, that wasn’t really a surprise) and a couple little gifties.  So, I’ll dedicate this post to Envi.  Thanks for a great rezday surprise, hon!

So, this is my first editing attempt, so please be honest but gentle with me.  And I promise to get better at credits, but:

Hair | Truth

Skin | Dutch Touch, Jolie

Top | *elymode*

Jeans | Decoy

Shoes | Stiletto Moody

Poses and Gift Boxes | Glitterati