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Blogger Bubble

May 27, 2012

Lookie here…  Two posts in as many days…  We’ll have to hope that this bubble doesn’t burst too soon!

ADORKable poses has an adorable pose and prop giftie out at her shop right now.  It’s a set of speech bubbles that reflect various aspects of SLife, and if they don’t give you a chuckle or two, you just haven’t been in SL long enough.

Here’s another little tease of a sweet design from Designer Prims that can be found at the Home and Garden Expo.



Dress | BeReckless – Mesh Spring Dress (Flowers/Blue)
Shoes | MAAI – Supergirl Plastic Pumps (Dark Purple)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – Again (Black 04)
Skin | Illusory – Love (Milk, Frenchie)
Eyes | Vision by A:S:S – Intense Eyes (Water, Clear)
Lashes | Cheap Makeup – Verna 3
Tattoo | Vestigium – Zodiac (Leo)

Pose and Prop | aDORKable Poses – Blogger Bubble (Bubble 1)

Props | Designer Prims – Little Beach House

(Now, I’m going to do something I don’t normally do, but I don’t want any misconceptions either.  I did edit out some elements that I viewed as flaws in the cute little summer dress from BeReckless, including a large seam on one side and some gaps where the alpha layer extended beyond the mesh dress.  Obviously I didn’t find them to be offensive enough to keep me from wearing the dress.  I thought it was cute and summery and I knew I could fix it for the post.)


52 Weeks of Color, Part Deux – Dandelion

March 8, 2012

I’m playing a bit of catch-up with my color challenge, but I’m getting there.

The focus for this color isn’t just about the look, it’s about this lovely vignette from Zoe’s Garden.  Adele Rhiadra makes me so happy when she creates these little meadows (her Autumn Island is one of my other favorites).

I wasn’t really thinking about it when I was putting this shot together, but Chloe often helps me work through my thoughts while I’m blogging, and today she brought my attention to the fact that spring is right around the corner – daylight saving time is this weekend!  I know most of us haven’t had a “real” winter, and I don’t know about you, but I think I’m subconsciously yearning for spring.  Chloe’s outstretched arms and closed eyes made me realize that I am looking forward to spring.  Embracing it, even.  I’ve had a lot of changes going on in my RL and change is always hard for me.  Change is a scary thing, but it has to happen.  So, as the season changes, hopefully I’ll be welcoming whatever blossoms in my life as much as I’m looking forward to the first dandelions poking their heads out of the grass.

(How spoiled by mesh are we??  I grumbled about this system skirt the whole time I had it on!  LOL)


Dress | Whippet & Buck – Bardot Tartan Tube Dress (Gold)
Hair | Magika – Kiki (B&W Pack)
Skin | Rockberry – Apple (Light, Freckles)
Freckles | YS & YS – Freckles 3
Tattoo | Vestigium – Zodiac (Leo)

Pose | aDORKable Poses – Chill Dork Pack (Chill 10)

Prop | Zoe’s Garden – Interlude with Fence


52 Weeks of Color Challenge, Part Deux – Patina

February 2, 2012

A patina is the accumulated changes in surface texture that occur over time.  This process is easily seen in cases like the Statue of Liberty, which display the characteristic green color that inspired this week’s challenge color.  Less obvious than the shiny copper to dull green-blue transition, anything can acquire a patina as it ages – your favorite antique rocking chair, the stone steps leading up to your house of worship, the heirloom lucky coin that you carry in your pocket and rub between your fingers.  I’ve been feeling more than a little worn around the edges and used up for the past couple of months and, though you can’t see it, my patina is changing.  Time alone takes its toll, add a little academic stress, career anxiety, emotional turmoil and all the other daily environmental factors that rub and grind and scrape at the surface (and deeper) and it’s clear to me that my shiny exterior has been dulled and colored.  But I keep reminding myself of the grandeur that our lady liberty now possesses because of her patina and it keeps me moving forward, looking ahead to the day I find myself swathed in a new shade of me.

Wow.  Got a little more than you planned on there, huh??  On to the good stuff:

RezIpsa Loc has, once again, created a handful of perfect items with the 52WOC challengers in mind, the amazing cracked tattoo layer that inspired this post is from the delightfully dark Nomine and the talented Photos Nikolaidis made the startling and gorgeous eyes I’m wearing.


Sweater | RezIpsa Loc – Cowl-Neck Sweater (Patina)
Tank | Jane – Intrinsic Tank (Raven)
Hair | Tiny Bird – Nantes (Light Black)
Skin | Glam Affair – Linn (Light, Primavira D Makeup)
Tattoo | Nomine – Papillon Makeup (Cracked Tattoo, Black)
Nails | RezIpsa Loc – Sparkly Nails (Onyx)
Ring | R.icielli – Antique Gold Butterfly Skull Ring
Eyes | Vision – Eyes by A:S:S – Resurrection Eyes (Lt. Teal)
Lashes (Tattoo) | Cheap Makeup – Vintage Lash 1
Lashes (Prim) | LeLutka – 2011 Lashes

Pose | aDORKable Poses – Chill Dork Pack  (Chill 9m)


Pure Papillon

March 16, 2011

I’m sure y’all will be happy when I stop using that Pure Juice reference in all of my titles, huh?  LOL   After all the hype of the event, I finally had a chance to try on some of the comfy (read “more me”) clothes that were available.  So I settled down in my e! top and Republic flats and hatched me some butterflies!

Papillon Breedables are open!  And what does that mean to you?  Butterflies, of course!  The creators have been working SO hard on this release and are beyond excited to move out of beta and into real SLife.  And they should be.  They’ve put together such an extensive product.  I’m not big on breedables (buy the creature and then have your life savings sucked away in order to keep them alive), though I’ve had a bunny and a fairy and a horse- no chickens.  But I couldn’t pass up the idea of butterflies.  Don’t ask me why, I don’t know why, but I’m so glad I invested the time to visit the store and read all their materials and OF COURSE, buy some butterflies.  I picked up a Breeding Starter Kit for 199L that contained one male, one female, two plants and one beehive.  The butterflies are very easy to hatch, unlike some breedables that will break if you remove them from inventory incorrectly or if you touch them too soon before they hatch or birth or whatever.  The butterflies work like they should: drag, drop, hatch, butterfly, yay!  They are also fairly easy to control once you have them rezzed and hatched.  You can use their scripted menus or my preferred method, the Control HUD.  I didn’t love having to click on the butterfly after each choice made in the menus, so the HUD was much better for me, though for individual changes you’d have to use the specific butterfly’s menu.  The Control HUD came in a (currently) free box of HUDs and goodies.

And speaking of goodies…  Holy cow.  The creators have put together such a detailed experience for the breeders.  I won’t go into everything here, but let me say that the Papillon butterflies are somewhat of a cross between all the positive aspects of breedables and the fun and adventure of a good RPG.  Genetics and classes and bonuses (breed for that queen, folks!) that you’d get from that combination are placed in this wonderful little eco-community of butterflies, plants and other insects- all with the possibility for adventure!  The thought that went into this little ecosystem is amazing.  There are plants that feed the butterflies in different ways, gardening supplies to help maximize the productivity of those plants and accessories that have various effects on your garden.  My two favorites are the beehive and the psychedelic shroom.  The beehive (this shows some of the detailed thought that went into the creation of this product) has bees, obviously, that go out and kill spiders in your plants so their webs don’t harm your butterflies.  The psychedelic shroom improves your chances of breeding rare or mutated babies!  How fun is that??

I’m getting a little long winded here, but I want to say one more thing.  The accessories and gardening supplies and plants were all created to help your butterflies live and grow happily with the least investment possible.  There’s even a type of plant that increases in value and productivity the longer you own it – and the market for reselling has already emerged.  So buy some butterflies, breed some butterflies, enjoy your butterflies.  You won’t spend all your Lindens because it’s not necessary.


Butterflies | Papillon Breedables – Normal Lune Soldier and Butterfly (Green Female, Blue Male)
Shirt | e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories – Juiced Jersey (Pink3)
Jeans | – Designer Jeans (Regular Wash)
Shoes | Republic – Charlotte Flats (Scarlet Paisley)
Hair | Truth – Penelope (Night)
Skin | YS & YS – Susan (Skin Fair 2011 Gift)
Makeup | Miamai – XGen Makeup LashNLiner (Charme)
Pose | Adorkable Poses – Petals in the Wind (Pose 1)
Prop | Just A Pose – Forrest Frolic Log
Flowers | Urbanized – Fairy Meadow, Fairy Pink Roses, Fairy Spring Grass


The Moon and The Elements

March 13, 2011

Again, another twofer!  This one is mostly the 52 Weeks of Color – Umber, but I managed to spend Lindens this week (even after I purposefully missed FLF!) and decided to share my lovely purchases with you.  I popped into CHIC Management’s CHIC Limited Event for March and fell in love with the Mynerva skin.  Now, that’s not a difficult thing to imagine, but the four skins for this event…  Absolute love.  CHIC Limited is a monthly event with a handful of brands producing new and exclusive items to go with that month’s theme.  This month’s theme is The Elements and Mynerva has put out four skins with coloring and facial details to go with each element.  They are discounted so much I decided it’d be juuuuuust fine to go ahead and get the fatpack.  In addition, I also picked up the Petals in the Wind pose and prop pack from aDORKable while I was there.

I’m not exactly sure how I went from “umber” to “I’m gonna do something really cool with shadows since I know where the word umber comes from” to “eclipse” to “oooohhhh, pretty fire skin, oooohhhh, pretty tintable petals with cute poses,” but I did.  So now you’ve got your CHIC mixed with umber and fire.  Deal with it.  Enjoy it.  Or don’t.  I don’t really care.  Here it is:


Skin | Mynerva – The Elements (Fire)
Eyes | Poetic Colors – Lava Dust
Hair | Magika – Delora (Blonde Pack)
Top | So Many Styles – Longsleeve Tee (Brown)
Undergarments | Rockberry – Antique Corset (Brown)

Pose and Petal Prop | Adorkable Poses – Petals in the Wind ( Pose 1)

Stock Images | DeviantArt- Mimustock (Dark Forest)
Deviant Art – Mabaxter (Totality, Color 1)


52 Weeks of Color – Red

February 13, 2011

I had so much fun putting together this week’s look.  I played around with a couple of options, trying on formal or party outfits, but I settled on something comfy.  Again.  Hmm…  I guess I’ve needed comfort lately.  Anyway, I also gave in to the natural inclination to do a Valentine’s Day theme.  So I’m showing off my sweet little peacoat from Bellies (a new-to-me shop I found at the I ❤ Originals Fair) and my Curvaceous boots that I haven’t taken off since I bought them.  I’m also taking advantage of a slightly modified adorable pose and prop by aDORKable  Poses.

And now, to be swept off my feet by love…


Coat | Bellies – Pea Coat (White)
Sweater | Nyte’N’Day – Micro Mini Sweater Dress (Top Only, Red)
Jeans | – Designer Jean (Regular Wash)
Boots | Gos – Curvaceous (Red Suede)
Hair | Elikatira – Early (Black 04)
Skin | LAQ – Aline (Milky 06)
Makeup | Glamorize – Daydream Lash (Teeth, Eyes)
Earrings | Dark Mouse – Crystal Earring (Silver)

Pose | Adorkable Poses – Kite 2 (Prop Modified)