A Boosh-agerie!

May 20, 2012

…or something.

The Booshies are coming!  What’s a Booshie, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you!  Booshies are elemental creatures who are entering our SLs via portals from their world, Booshtopia.  They are breedable and can potentially produce thousands of different species as they battle monsters and work away at their elemental professions.  They are touted to be SL’s most advanced breedable and you can find them at the Breedables Fair, held concurrently with the Home and Garden Expo.  Both events support Relay for Life of Second Life and will run until May 28th.

Now, Booshies haven’t had a full release yet, though you can pre-order at the Fair.  You can also get Booshie avatars (Booshitars, of course) at the Breedables Fair!  So, you may not yet be able to battle and build skills and breed exotic species, but you can look like a Booshie!  There are two Booshitars exclusive  to the Fair that are 100% donation items to RFL, so think about grabbing those to help a good cause AND get your Booshie fix.


Avatars | Booshies – Booshitars (Top: Pendle, Bottom: RFL Girecko, Felitera, Equylon)


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