Blogging is Fun!

January 24, 2012

That’s what I keep trying to remind myself.  Blogging IS fun.  I really enjoy it.  Until I don’t.  But that’s usually my fault and this pic (an unedited snap from SL with the adorable, lacy, girly skirt and corset set from Agnes Finney) and post are here to be my reminders.  And yours, too.  (Provided the scary SL smile doesn’t bother you too much.)

If it makes you happy, do it.  If it doesn’t make you happy…  Why are you doing it?  I’m sure there’s some cute typographical Tumblr quote that says this better than I did, but…  The meaning is the same.  Oooh, and I may have thought of a song lyric…  Nah, never mind, it didn’t quite work.

Right.  Okay, so…  Be happy, my sweets.  ❤


Skirt | Agnes Finney – Remember Me Lace Skirt (Black)
Corset |Agnes Finney – Remember Me (Purple)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – About (Black 04)
Skin | YS & YS – With Love (again) From… (Hunt Gift)
Shoes | fri.day – Basic.Pumps (Black)
Eyes | Agnes Finney – Beaute Eyes (Mystical Soul)

Pose | Happy Dance Animation


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