52 Weeks of Color Challenge, Part Deux – Electric Indigo

January 23, 2012

Electric Indigo.  Really??  This round of colors is might kill me.  But, to stave off the dying, we’re going to have to get creative.  Despite RezIpsa Loc‘s releases that coordinate with our color weeks, I couldn’t find anything in my inventory that suited me.  And Rezzie did an amazing pic herself and I just couldn’t compete with it, so I went a completely different direction.

As I was searching the net for inspiration, I was reminded that indigo is the color of the sixth chakra, or the third eye.  I’m a little lacking in the intuition and clarity department, so I figured this might be a nice little meditative activity for me.  With a bit of  pseudo-research I found that according to Hindu tradition, the sixth chakra is also known as Ajna and the presiding deity is Ardhanarishvara, a half male, half female composite symbolizing all the duality and dichotomy in the universe.

So, this is my VERY loose interpretation of what I’ve read and how it felt to me at the time.  And if I am very wrong about anything, please let me know.


Sari | Zaara – Menaka Sari (Red)
Hair | RezIpsa Loc – Caroline (Air)
Skin | My Ugly Dorothy – Fairy of Ord (Heavily edited)
Jewelry | U&R DOGS – Polonaise Pierced Earrings (Gold)
Jewelry | U&R DOGS – Clair de Lune Bracelet (Gold)
Lashes | LeLutka – 2011 Lashes
Nails | Finesmith – Gold and Red



  1. awesome! I love it when people do their challenges on their interpretation! I did!

    • Thanks Saffron! I think I’m going to be a lot less literal for my 52 weeks this time around!

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