January 17, 2012

Hello there, dear readers.  I’m being a lazy blogger today.  I just spent a bunch of time gathering links and posts and whatnot about the SOPA /PIPA stuffs, found some good info and whittled it down to a couple things that I think explain the issue succinctly and in a manner that is understandable and accessible to the general public and maybe from a different angle than you’d expect.  But I’m just not up to writing something intelligent about it.  And why should I, when someone’s already made a fun and informative graphic?!?

So please be informed.  Also, tomorrow is a day of protest to raise awareness of the potentially disasterous effects of these bills.  Various sites are going to “black out” for most of the day tomorrow to give you an idea of what it would feel like to use the censored internet that could occur if these bills pass.  Consider blacking out your site or blog to help draw attention to this issue.  

Here are a couple of videos that I’ve found to help explain the bills.  One is much more technical than the other (as you’ll see, lol) but I love Spricket and her annoyingness and she does a nice job of explaining things simply.  Hope you learn and enjoy.  :*

What is SOPA and PIPA and Why YouTube is so Important!



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