What IS Average, Anyway?

August 28, 2011

Well, I’ll tell you.  At least, I’ll tell you what an average SL female avatar looks like.  There was a “What’s Your Digits” meme thingy going around, starting with Strawberry Singh’s blog and evolving to a Flickr group that ended up with Vaki taking (what I can only imagine was a ridiculous amount of) her time to compile all the data that was volunteered by our fabulous SL, Plurk and Flickr friends.  And with that data, Vaki made an “average” male and female shape that she’s generously giving to the community.  So head on over to RezIpsa Loc, where Rezzie has given a prime spot to the vendor for these free shapes, and grab a folder and keep it in your inventory.  The shapes are full perms, so you can share them with one of those slider-maxed noobs out there.  Thanks Vaki!

While you’re at RezIpsa Loc, grab one of her I Survived Irene tees that she has out on special!


Shirt | RezIpsa Loc – I Survived Irene Tee (Pink)
Shorts | Cool Beans – Chatty Kathy Shorts (Khaki)
Hair | fri.day –  Tatum.2 (Emo Black)
Skin | Rockberry – Farrah (Light Tone, D Makeup)
Shape | Vaki – Average Female Shape
Makeup | Cheap Makeup – Vintage Lashes 1

Pose | With Love & Squalor – Spider’s Web



  1. Aw, thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Vaki! And again, thanks for sharing those shapes with us!

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