Pride and Reality Substitution

May 1, 2011

So, I was thinking about pride.  I was feeling very sure of myself in my (silent and internal) assertion that pride is, in fact, not a deadly sin.  I was even prepared to pull out the dictionary definition to support my brilliant train of thought.  Alas, my theory that pride was neutrally or even positively connotative (connotated?) was not as solid as I thought.  But since this is my blog, I will (in the words of the great Adam Savage …or the writers of 1985′s The Dungonmaster –who knew??), “reject your reality and substitute my own.”  So, what that means to you is that for the next minute or so, depending on how quickly you read, you will assume that pride is a good thing and only a sin when found in excess, and therefore no longer pride, but hubris or conceit or something of that nature.

Anyway, the whole point of this is to acknowledge something I’m proud of.  (Which brings up a whole new conversation about feeling pride for states of being or accomplishments that are not your own, but we’re not going into that right now.)

I am very proud of my sisters’ determination and perseverance in working toward their weight loss goals.  Whatever their reasons- health, appearance, fitness, all of the above- they are sticking to their self-imposed restrictive diets and exercise plans.  Heck, one of them is even willing to get back on roller skates after breaking her ankle and becoming the bionic woman.  I know how hard it is to keep up the momentum on a resolution like that (I can’t even get through making a resolution, for Pete’s sake) and I admire them for it.

So that’s all.  I’m proud.  For them and of them.  And there’s nothing sinful about that.

Keep it up, girls.  Love you so much!


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