April 17, 2011

Something old and something new.  But no blue.  Just feathers.

Angel Susanti just set out her new Feather Fairy set on Friday and it (by her own admission) is a bit more mardi gras than fairy.  So I cut down the accessory list and wore only the wings, hairpiece, bracelet and anklet and think it’s just feathery fun.  I’ve always loved my freckles and the open mouth tattoo options are making their way up my list, so I was so excited to find both of those options for the new Vackra skin, Ella.  I grabbed a hair from The Fashion Garret that is a little out of my typical style and it actually drove the feel of this whole pic.  And I found a new-to-me posemaker, Shades of October- very cute!  The feathers of the wings called to an old Fall Into Decay dress I had buried in my invvy, so I got it dry cleaned to wear for this post.  So, a little feathery, out-of-my-ordinary post for you.


Dress | Fall Into Decay – E-01 (Black)
Fairy Wings and Accessories | Angelwing – Feather Fairy (White)
Hair | Kik – Mimi (TFG)
Shoes | SLink – Mikaela (White)
Skin | Vackra – Ella (Milk Tone, Smokey Makeup)
Freckles | Vackra – TGIFreckles

Pose | Shades of October – Hipster 6


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