Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies.

April 8, 2011

As anyone who knows me has noticed, I’m a little crazy for butterflies lately. The wonderful Papillon breedables are threatening to take over my sim (and my lindens) and now I have found a crazy dress that has them literally orbiting around me.
The SoliDea Folies Butterfly Circle dress isn’t a practical one, but it was SO much fun to photograph. And even the prim challenged like me will have no problem fitting this dress. As I was putting this look together, I kept having flashes of Galadriel from LOTR when she does her whole “not dark, but beautiful and terrible as the morn” thing about the One Ring, so I had to go get some hair that matched that image. This amazing Irena hair from Vita’s Boudoir was exactly what I was looking for. Expect to see this hair again because I plan to be in the wind or the water a lot from now on, just so I can wear it.


Dress | SoliDea Folies – Butterfly Circle Dress
Hair | Vita’s Boudoir – Irena (Black)
Skin | Mynerva – The Elements (Earth)
Shoes | SLink – Mikaela (Silver)

Pose | Exposeur – Top Model (Hannah)


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