52 Weeks of Color – White

March 29, 2011

Who would have thought that white would give me such a hard time??  I have plenty in my inventory and I put together multiple lovely outfits and I found several lovely sims to shoot on.  Yet all of those factors came together to create a bunch of crap pictures.  I know I’ve still got a few days, but I really wanted to work on a couple of other projects rather than get myself all twirly about white, so I ended up with this.  How can you go wrong with the winged, ethereal look?

And if you want winged and ethereal, Violaine Villota of Fancy Fairy Wings & Things, provides it in a big way with these wings.  She has rereleased some of her old designs with fun, new scripting for various wing positions and with nine gorgeous color variations.  Everything in her store looks lovely, but it really was the wings that held my attention.  She has any style of wings you can imagine, from butterfly to fairy, to goblin, to dragonfly and many others.  This was perfect timing to whet my appetite for the upcoming Fantasy Faire.  The Faire will run from April 2nd to the 10th and will host a number of events, hunts, sales and auctions all benefiting Relay for Life.


Dress | My Precious by Agnes Finney – Platinum Hunt Gift
Wings | Fancy Fairy – Kira Animated, Sculpted Wings (White Gold)
Hair | Elikatira – Early (White 05)
Skin | LAQ – Aline Glow (Milky 10)

Pose | ImpEle – Winged Modeling Poses (10)


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  1. Pretty, looks like you are appearing out of no where

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