The Moon and The Elements

March 13, 2011

Again, another twofer!  This one is mostly the 52 Weeks of Color – Umber, but I managed to spend Lindens this week (even after I purposefully missed FLF!) and decided to share my lovely purchases with you.  I popped into CHIC Management’s CHIC Limited Event for March and fell in love with the Mynerva skin.  Now, that’s not a difficult thing to imagine, but the four skins for this event…  Absolute love.  CHIC Limited is a monthly event with a handful of brands producing new and exclusive items to go with that month’s theme.  This month’s theme is The Elements and Mynerva has put out four skins with coloring and facial details to go with each element.  They are discounted so much I decided it’d be juuuuuust fine to go ahead and get the fatpack.  In addition, I also picked up the Petals in the Wind pose and prop pack from aDORKable while I was there.

I’m not exactly sure how I went from “umber” to “I’m gonna do something really cool with shadows since I know where the word umber comes from” to “eclipse” to “oooohhhh, pretty fire skin, oooohhhh, pretty tintable petals with cute poses,” but I did.  So now you’ve got your CHIC mixed with umber and fire.  Deal with it.  Enjoy it.  Or don’t.  I don’t really care.  Here it is:


Skin | Mynerva – The Elements (Fire)
Eyes | Poetic Colors – Lava Dust
Hair | Magika – Delora (Blonde Pack)
Top | So Many Styles – Longsleeve Tee (Brown)
Undergarments | Rockberry – Antique Corset (Brown)

Pose and Petal Prop | Adorkable Poses – Petals in the Wind ( Pose 1)

Stock Images | DeviantArt- Mimustock (Dark Forest)
Deviant Art – Mabaxter (Totality, Color 1)



  1. Wow Chloe, I love it, the whole composition is gorgeous!

    • Thank you so much, Rudh!

  2. It all ties in very well. Great look.

    • Thanks Laila!

  3. Beautiful skin and pics! 🙂

    • Thank you, Guen!

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