Primrose and Grapefruit Juice

March 5, 2011

I was supposed to be highlighting items from the Pure Juice event that’s starting today, but I got distracted while playing with windlight, shadows and depth of field.  Cool Beans’ sweet little dress and pumps were adorable (though the dress was a little too lingerie-feeling for me) but got a little overshadowed by Ulaa Coronet’s Primrose Weathered Greenhouse.  The detail in the textures and the construction are absolutely perfect.  I live on a beach, so I took the pics inside one of  Turnip’s skydomes, but this greenhouse is really making me want to move to a wildflower filled meadow somewhere.

So here are a few of the many pics I took.  Like I said, the quality of the greenhouse made me want to take snaps from every angle, the wood looked so beautiful and real, the vines hanging out front were adorable, the glass roof made delightful shadows on the floor…  Okay, okay, pics.

So.  Head on over to the Juicy sim and check out all the wonderful items have been designed just for you and the Pure Juice event.  Do it.  Nao.

(Items from the Pure Juice Event will be highlighted in pink.)


Dress | Cool Beans – Sweet Vision Dress
Shoes | Cool Beans – Plain Jane Pumps (Grapefruit)
Hair | fri.day – Marie (Passionate Red)
Skin | Rockberry – Kalista JUICY (Light)
Makeup | a.e.meth – NY Metallics Eyeshadow (Copper)

Poses | Exposeur – Lean Into Me (Couples Pose, modified), ImpEle – Elegance 04, 10
Funky Junk – Primrose Weathered Greenhouse


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