Ely Love

January 29, 2011

I’ve mentioned in the past that the lovely and talented Elysium Eilde’s SL photography and design blog, Photographing Second Life, is what really drew me into SL.  I had logged in and out on various avatars, made some friends, explored some sims, but didn’t really find much purpose.  I started Google-ing for SL blogs and images and found this whole world of photography and fashion and design.  Now I toddle along behind some amazing creators and try to take pretty pictures of their designs.  I am having so much fun with SL photography and photo editing and I have Ely to thank for that.  I also blame her for the serious shopping addiction I now have as well.  I keep spending the lindens to find the pretties.  And when I’m feeling broke enough that I don’t even look at the FLF specials, Ely saves the day.  Ely is one of the generous creators that inspire a loyal customer base with her years of RL and SL experience as a foundation topped by amazing style and creative designs.  Her fantastic group gifts are the cherry on top.  She recently sent out the Ellen Sweater to her group members before releasing it in her stores.  Yes, it’s a pay group.  But her gifts come pretty regularly and are top quality.  Gah…  I’m rambling.  As usual.  Anyway, the point:  Ely makes awesome stuff.  Ely is crazy generous.  Ely has so much passion for her creations that it spills out and inspires even the least creative folks (me!) to look for an outlet of their own.  Anyway, I’m feeling a lot of Ely and Ellen love tonight.


Sweater | *elymode* – Ellen Sweater  (Light Purple)
Skirt | *elymode* – Ellen Mini Skirt (Purple)
Top | *elymode* – Shorties Jumper (Light Purple)
Skin | [ROCKBERRY] – Uma Happy Holidays Hunt (Light)
Lashes | Cheap Makeup – Vintage Lash 1
Hair | Magika – Cinta (B & W Pack)
Shoes | fri.day – Basic Flats (Purple)

Pose | *xoxo ania* – Simple Stand 09b



  1. aww how sweet! you totally made my day ❤

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