30 Days of Truth – Day 25

January 5, 2011

Day 25 → The reason you believe you’re still alive today.

Hmm…  I believe I’m still alive today because of the handy dandy Chloe safety mechanism of avoiding activities that might end up in any sort of falling down.  I don’t do anything that moves my body through space with any sort of velocity.  Now, obviously I’m not talking about cars or planes or any other sort of vehicle.  I’m talking about (mostly) self-propelled, movement activities.  I don’t ski.  I don’t rollerblade.  I don’t run.  Hell, I don’t even walk fast.  So, yes.  My leisurely pace through life is what keeps me alive.

That, or the fact that I’m really genetically a superhuman but too many adverse in utero events stunted my superness so much that now I’m just a normal person.  Although…  If I’m just normal now, I don’t know how that argument works for keeping me alive.  Damn.  Scratch that one off the list.

OR!  I’m really unbreakable.  You know, like Bruce Willis.  There was a spectacular Pyrex glass dish explosion that left the carpet and vinyl flooring ruined while I escaped unscathed.  Food for thought.  (And that last part is better if you picture me tapping the side of my nose and then pointing at you as I raise my eyebrows, btw.)


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