Bodice and BAX

December 21, 2010

Rai Blaylock has the (dubious?) honor of being featured in my first post as a fashion blogger.  She was generous enough to send some review copies my way and I am up way too late getting a cute pic put together for her.  She reached out to some Plurkers and I’m sure they enjoyed her sexy little numbers as much as I did.  The two )*Bodice*( pieces are on sale for the holidays and are sure to inspire your special someone to utter a Hohoho on Christmas morning.  The babydoll comes in four colors and I picked the traditional red- the color and the fur edging called out to me and I had to slip on my new BAX Prestige color-change boots to really get into the spirit.  I tried on all six colors of the Santa’s Helper lingerie before I settled on the blue (matched the BAX boots beautifully) as a little tribute to my honey’s holiday of Hanukah.  Santa wouldn’t want him to be left out, would he??  I absolutely love the little bow details on this set.  They mixed the sweet with the sexy and who doesn’t love that combo?  Not only were they sexysweet, but they actually fit my avvie with very little adjustment.  I’ve given Chloe a bit more curve and I’ve had trouble with prims needing a lot of help before they fit around my thighs and tush.  Rai must like an hourglass shaped figure too!  😉  I did edit out one “flaw,” if you can call it that, since it’s gridwide, but I touched up a bit of *ahem* camel toe that Chloe had going on.  Nothing major, just wanted to mention it in the interest of full disclosure.  Anyway, enough of my rambling.  The pics and details:


Outfit #1

Lingerie | )*Bodice*( – Santa’s Babydoll (Red)
Boots | BAX – Prestige Boots (Dark Red)
Skin | Glam Affair – Nina (With Love From Glam Affair)
Hair | Magika – Cinta (B & W Pack)
Pose | *xoxo ania* – Simple Stand 09

Outfit #2

Lingerie | Bodice – Santa’s Helper (Blue)
Boots | BAX – Prestige Boots (Blue)
Skin | Glam Affair – Nina (With Love From Glam Affair)
Hair | Magika – Cinta (B & W Pack)
Pose | Di’s Opera – Happy Holidays! 2


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