52 Weeks of Color – Yellow

December 9, 2010

I hope Luna doesn’t have too many more weeks in the yellow family…  I think I’ve used everything yellow in my invvy already between this and goldenrod.  This week was a little different for me.  I took off my comfy skin and comfy hair and tried some poses and settings that were outside of my norms.  I also did something a little different with my pics for this week and put them into a little collage-y thingy.  And I want to give a disclaimer, just in case anyone is actually reading this for any fashion gems- everything in this post is edited in GIMP.  LOL   I matched the yellows up to each other, I modded and edited the birds in my hair, I don’t know what else I did, but these pics are not accurate to what you’d see inworld.  I’m not in love with the final result, of my avvie or the final picture collection, but stepping outside of the box is never comfortable, is it?

Have some yellow.

Shirt | fri.day – Basic Cami (Yellow)
Sweater | *elymode* – Joell Shrug (Black)
Jeans | [Decoy] – Inferno 88 (Charcoal)
Shoes | fri.day – Basic Flats (Yellow)
Hair | Clawtooth – A place to call home (Dusty Black) (Hair Fair Goodie Bag)
Birds | Clawtooth – A place to call home (birds) Valentine sweets
Necklace | Fusion – Wing Charm Necklace (With Love From… Hunt gift)
Skin | Mynerva – Elise I thought this time I’d keep all of my promises (Believe I never wanted this)

Poses | Photo 1 – {.:exposeur:.} – Geek Chic 5
Photo 2 – {.:exposeur:.} Geek Chic 1



  1. hmmm … I don’t think we have much in the yellow family left.

    This photo montage is just awesome! Its in my top 5 of all the photos I’ve seen so far!!

    • Thanks, Luna! I am having SO much fun with this challenge.

  2. This is an awesome collage! Very well done!

    • Thanks! As I mentioned, this one was a little “out of the box” for me, so I appreciate the feedback!

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