52 Weeks of Color – Sepia

December 4, 2010

Sepia. I (along with the rest of the challengees, I imagine) saw this week’s color and met it with a big “Wha…?” I suppose I should already be used to this feeling, even after a couple of weeks. lol But after taking a look at my inventory and playing with some backgrounds and props and whatnot, I ended up really enjoying this challenge. Autumn is my season and I loved the process of looking through the sepia toned themes I was finding on the internet and in my mind. I don’t see autumn as a dead, crackling season. For whatever reason, it fills me with warmth, the rustling of the leaves and the bonfires reflecting the warmth found in the bronzes and oranges of both. Yes, I’m holding on to autumn a little longer than most, and I really can’t argue with the fact that December is upon us. Mother Nature has even made her effort at covering those warm colors with her first cold, unfeeling snow of the season. I guess I’ll have to let go of the warmth soon too. But until then, let’s enjoy sepia.

Hair | Truth – Padma (Walnut)
Dress | [Decoy] – Zafrina (Creme)
Lipstick | AtomicBambi – Sabrina Lip (Chocolate)
Shoes | fri.day – Dream Booties (Ecru)
Skin | LAQ – Aline Glow 09 (Milky)
Eyes | Poetic – PC Eyes (Poison Ivy)
Shape | Custom
Pose | alaMood (opening)



  1. I love the background you found. Autumn has the same feeling for me.

    • Thanks a lot, Luna- for the great challenge and your dedication to popping in and visiting all your bloggers! ❤

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