30 Days of Truth – Day 16

December 2, 2010

Half-way, baby! Half-way! Oh yeah!

Day 16 → Someone or something you definitely could live without.

Ooooh, I like this one. I get to scratch people off the list, huh?? I could live without and in a heartbeat. And I could live without the slobbering masses of stupid people out there. Though, without them, I’d not feel so smart… It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make to get rid of them. Okay, okay, I’m just playing. …mostly.

I could live without chain restaurants of the fast food and sit down variety. They cater to my laziness and contribute to weight gain and high sodium and high cholesterol and high everything. Now, I’m not saying I could live without ALL restaurants. I’m not. I love a good meal cooked and cleaned up by someone else. Not having all the chains available on every corner might make them more highly appreciated again. They are a convenience and a luxury, not a necessity and I treat them as such far too often.


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