30 Days of Truth – Day 14

November 29, 2010

Day 14 → A hero that has let you down (letter).

Gah. Another letter. Not that I wrote the last letter, but I still don’t want to do this one. And really, I can’t write to the prompt here either. I’m not one to have heroes. I never wanted to be a superhero or an astronaut or a rock star or the president or a fireman or any of those people that children typically idolize or emulate. So, in never really having a stereotypical hero, I couldn’t be disappointed by one of them. Now, the hero that I do have, I wouldn’t really call atypical, but I would probably use different synonyms, such as exemplar or model, to describe her. She would never call herself a hero, either. Okay, okay, fine. I’ll write a damn letter.

Dear Mom,
Thank you for being you. For using your strength and optimism to help us all through sad, difficult, exciting, joyful and confusing times. You are everything I wis… Ohhhh, that came far too close to a Bette Midler moment for my taste… Anyway, moving on… I admire the way you live your life and help your family to live theirs. I assume I can speak for most of us when I say that we would have all fallen apart a long time ago without you. You’re an inspiration and a reminder of how to be a truly good person. I can only hope to use all my will to live as well as you do in your (seemingly) effortless way. Even if there was some way you could disappoint me, I would only hold you in higher regard as you recovered, learned and moved on from your mistake. You’ve never let me down and there’s nothing you could do that ever would.
Your not-so-heroless daughter,

Ahhh, the chezz factor got pretty high on that one, no?


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