Say It With a Song

June 7, 2010

Johnny told me about the ring of fire,

but I don’t feel the earth move beneath my feet

And all I see when I hear your name are the colors of tonic,

bitter on my tongue.

From the dark stage she sings, “Je veux ton amour,” her eyes telling a tale of vengeance

as the piano’s keys count her contradictions.

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirrored backdrop and

close my eyes, blinded by the light from your reflection.

The amber glass full of memories scalds my throat,

but I can’t remember the last time we were together.

And the salt pours on my broken heart, soothing and comforting me

while it degrades the chains that keep us together.

Shot glasses line up in front of me.

Tiny soldiers of love

In rapt attention for my next troubled command.

Lime zest fills my nose, dreaming a citrus scented dream of summer.

Of you.  Of our longing to stay as we say goodbye.

You will find yourself sitting at my feet with a too familiar phrase

still slipping past your lips.

Reaching out, touching hands, I will help you rise,

standing together, standing firm.

The flames lick along the rim of the glass,

burning golden, green and white,

hot on the fuel of our emotion.

[A little bonus for you, to hold you over while I get everything organized.  Hope you like.]


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