Windmill Chic

March 4, 2010

I swear, that’s the last time I’ll say it.  It’s just cracking me up today.  …could have something to do with the lack of sleep, but whatever…

So, I mentioned a few days ago that it was my rezday.  I’ve been around SL for a year (plus a couple months with an alt that I don’t really visit anymore).  In that year I’ve seen and done a lot- details of which we will not go into in this post.  Something that has remained a bit of a mystery to me is the concept of “ownership.”  /me chuckles to herself and moves on…  I can spend money on my avvie and see it as *almost* reasonable, but I just couldn’t fathom regularly pumping money into virtual ownership.  It makes sense if you’re a retailer or I guess if you’re a creator who needs work space, but the average avvie?  Hmm…  Well, I finally caught the bug.  I think it stemmed from drifting away from the group I used to spend the majority of my time with, the fact that my someone lives half a world away and a wee bit of jealousy/curiosity created by the whole Linden Homes buzz.  I started ‘looking’ for a place to call home on XStreet, online,  in the SLassifieds and and asking my SL and Plurk friends for advice.  And like any good impulse buy, I rented the first place that tugged at my ‘nesting strings.’  (Those are something like heartstrings, I think.)  I now have a home for five weeks, love it or hate it.  And so far (7 whole hours), I’m loving having a place of my own.  I decorated it as best I could with my semi-limited inventory, snuggled into my new fav chair and have tea waiting for visitors.

Oh, and all furnishings came from PopArt’s 1L sale.


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