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Fashion For Life

March 13, 2011

I stopped over at the Fashion For Life sims today to see how the American Cancer Society affiliated event was going.  I’m feeling antsy and impatient tonight, so although the ridiculously high ARCs of some of the other patrons chased me off the gorgeous black and white sims, one spot of color caught my eye.  I had to grab one of the gorgeous dresses from Vlintuition.  I’ve never heard of this creator before because I’ve never really looked into this style of clothing, but the choli and sari (I hope that’s right, forgive me if it’s not) are really beautifully done.

Hopefully you’re a little more tolerant than I am today and you can make some time to head over to the event.  It’s running until the 22nd, so you still have a few days.  The event seems to be really well organized and tightly associated with not only Relay For Life, as the Clothing Fair has been in the past, but with the ACS itself.  I know it’s difficult to decide where to send your charity dollars, but don’t forget that even in the face of dramatic and visually powerful disasters we’re fighting a much quieter battle with cancer every day.


Dress | Vlintuition – Eila Sampler (Marine)
Skin | YS & YS – Susan (SkinFair 2011 Gift)
Hair | Truth – Penelope (Night)
Miamai – XGen Makeup LashNLiner (Charme, Group Preview)

Pose | Exposeur – Belly Dance 03


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