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Autumn is Coming

September 4, 2012

Oh wait, that’s supposed to be “Winter is Coming,” isn’t it…  errmmm…  Anyway…

Autumn IS coming.  The air really is cooling off.  The trees really are starting to change.  September is upon us and the Summer Harvest Hunt is in full swing.  The Ego Co.’s latest hunt is going strong and it’s a bountiful harvest.  Between the new goodies, the seasonal view off her back porch and Elymode’s gorgeous WL setting, Chloe got a little lost in the moment.

(Items in the Summer Harvest Hunt will be noted in orange.)

Hair | Decoy – Aella (Fudge/Grape Fades)
Tank/Dress | Gawk! – Brown Long Tank Top (Exclusive for SHH)
Feet | SLink – Jolie Pied Barefeet (Medium)
Skin | Glam Affair – Roza (BaroQ 02, C88 August)
Tattoo | Flaunt – Fall Harvest Sleeves Tattoo (Color)
Nails | Synthetique – GoldLeaf Mini Collection (Medium Fierce Nails)

Pose | BENT – Be.Hind 10


52 Weeks of Color, Part Deux – Dark Raspberry

March 8, 2012

Yep.  Dark Raspberry:


Skirt | Jane – Lillith Maxi Skirt (Blush)
Top | Jane – Intrinsic Tank (Fawn)
Boots | Decoy – Jully Boots (Raspberry)
Hair | [e] Elikatira – Me (Brown 08)
Skin | Mynerva – Milena (Cream)
Makeup | Mynerva – GG Full Face
Eyes | Vision – Eyes by A:S:S – Heterochromia Eyes (Blue)
Tattoo | Vestigium – Zodiac (Leo)

Pose | pda – Melochord Seventy-Five


Culture Shock – RezIpsa Loc

May 2, 2011

More Culture Shock goodies!  RezIpsa Loc has come out with some edgy hairstyles for the event.  This a two-attachment point hair (which I love) with a tattoo layer braided/shaved base is called Francesca and her even edgier, shorter, younger sister is Mauri.  The frame prop is from Bent and is also available at Culture Shock in a pack with a handful of rezzable frames to add to the effect if desired.


Hair | RezIpsa Loc – Francesca (11pm, Culture Shock)
Top | Ducknipple – Wubbo (Purple)
Jeans | Decoy – Layla 84 Jeans (Light Wash Ripped)
Skin | Mynerva – Kia (B Cup, Shade 3)
Eyes | Perception – Inverno (3-2)
Makeup | Cheap Makeup – Eye Slicks 8
Lashes | Cheap Makeup – Vintage Lash 1

Prop |  Bent! – Framed Pose Prop (Culture Shock)


It’s Time For the Pose Fair, Little Ones!

March 30, 2011

I don’t have many details, as I didn’t get in on the blogger info, but I do know it’s going to run from April 1st to April 15th and of course, it’s going to be fabulous.

Luckily, I got my hands on some adorable poses and props from Hopscotch.  (Thanks, Chandni!)  This afternoon I took a look at her wonderful, springy, raised flower garden.

I put on my gardening clothes- a cozy shirt and my Decoy jeans- and dug right into the dirt.  Between that and a nice cool drink waiting inside the Awesome Blossom Bohemian Hideaway…  What could be better?


Top | TOSL – Highland Plaid Shirt w/ Suspenders (B&W)
Jeans | Decoy – Dana 76 Jeans (Medium)
Boots | Tiny Bird – Wanderer Boots (Olive)
Hair | Elikatira – Comfort (Black 04)
Skin | Lara Hurley – Aiko (Pure Juice)
Necklace | Earthstones – Beaded Touch (Sunstone)
Long Necklace | Gypsy! – Bird Necklace (TFG Edition)
Gloves | Magi Take Shop – Magi Take Glove (Black)

Poses and Props | Hopscotch – Wake Up Little Ones
Exposeur – The Hotties Series 3 (Chloe)


52 Weeks of Color – Electric Lime

February 27, 2011

Thank goodness for the designers that are following the 52 WoCC.  I had a great time window shopping at a handful of stores, but without Whippet & Buck, I wouldn’t have made it through this week’s challenge.  I can’t say for sure that I’ll wear my electric lime (or Rio Grande, as W&B calls it) purchases ever again, but they were perfect for this pic.  I’m a little sad that my Windlight settings sapped the green from the top, but I was playing with shadows and found that this was my best compromise between color and shadow and Depth of Field.  I have a handful of blogs that I use when I’m looking for hints and tutorials but my current go-tos are Luna’s BootCamp and Strawberry Singh’s Tutorials.  Love, love, love these ladies and their willingness to share knowledge with others.

Overall, this was a fun week.  I appreciate being forced to wear colors that are outside of my usual repertoire.  I appreciate being indirectly challenged by the other bloggers participating in the 52 WoC to try new techniques or perspectives or emotion in my pics.

Shirt | Whippet & Buck – Cole Boatneck Top (Rio Grande)
Tank | Jane – Intrinsic Tank (Concord)
Cami | – Basic Cami (Black)
Pants | – Trousers (Black)
Shoes | Decoy – Jully Boots (Plum)
Hair | Truth – Diana (Espresso Streaked with Black)
Skin | LAQ – Aline Glow (Milky 01)
Makeup | Mynerva – Eyeliner and Shadow (Plum)
Earrings | Whippet & Buck – Aemilia Earring (Rio Grande)
Bracelet | Juicy – Gift Charm Bracelet (Silver and Purple/Orange/Green)
Pose | Just A Pose – Simply Hippy (Snappy Straps)


52 Weeks of Color – Black

February 10, 2011

Mmmmmmm, black.  I flipped through the Flickr group a little bit and noticed that a lot of people are doing something theatrical and dark this week.  Blame it on Black Swan, maybe, I don’t know.  But for me, black is my color.  Black is comfort.  Black is safe.  Black is neutral, non-judgmental, constant…   Black is not a dramatic or fearful color for me.  Black is me.  It makes me feel safe and warm, not menaced and alone and mentally unstable (another Black Swan reference, sorry).  So for this week I wore a super soft tank from Jane and my Decoy jeans with the gorgeous, sexy, fantastic new Curvaceous boots from Gos.   *droolpantlickfaint*

I ended up finding myself at rainy Innsmouth, which added another level of contentment to the night.  There’s something about the clouds and raindrops that make the world smaller, less intimidating.  So despite the ruined town, the sea and the rain left me in a somber yet comforted mood.


Tank | Jane – Intrinsic Tank (Charcoal)
Jeans | Decoy – Inferno 88 (Charcoal)
Boots | Gos – Curvaceous (Black)
Skin | Nomine – Dollskin (Peach)
Hair | Lamb – DIY Haircut (Ink)
Necklace | Fusion – Wing Charm Necklace

Poses | Exposeur – Not Myself Tonight 1 & 5
Just a Pose – Simply Hippy (ONJ on the Radio)


Just Me

January 12, 2011

I’ve been feeling a little… weary due to prompted blog posts.  Between Luna’s Color Challenge and the never ending 30 Days of Truth I’m kinda wiped out and disenchanted with blogging.  So I just wanted to do a little something for me.  As me.  No introspection, no forced wit, no roles being played.  Just me taking a moment to relax in my clothes, my mood, my color choices.  I’m in some of my most comfortable pieces: Truth hair, tee, SLink tootsies.  The only thing missing is my Designer pair of jeans from Decoy (and I just felt like showing a little leg today).  So there you have it – comfortable, plain (boring?), content, relaxed ol’ me.


Skin | !imabee – With Love From… Brandon Papp
Hair | Truth – Penelope (Espresso)
Top | – Vneck Capsleeve Tee (Orange)
Skirt | LeeZu – O’Lala Micro Jeans Skirt (Blue Ink w/ White Belt)
Feet | SLink – Jolie Pied Barefeet Flat
Lashes | Cheap Makeup – Big Pins Lash 7 and Vintage Lash 1
Pose | exposeur – Glamour Girl 7


52 Weeks of Color – Silver

January 9, 2011

I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again and I’m really going to mean it this time.  I had a REALLY hard time with this color.  Who has trouble with silver??  I love silver.  I don’t wear gold jewelry.  I only wear silver.  I love silver.  Yet my SL inventory doesn’t reflect that RL preference at all.  I couldn’t find any silver and when I did, it looked grey.  Or white.  Silver killed me.  Silver actually killed my viewers, too.  I’ve had horrible rezzing problems.  I’ve crashed more while TPing than I have in a year.  Forget taking pics with shadows (I haven’t been able to accomplish that yet, btw), I wasn’t even able to take a low quality snapshot.  The only things that kept me sane were my old standbys, my favorite inventory items:  My Isle hair from Truth and my Designer Jeans from  This adorable little skybox from [ III ] helped too.  Anyway, I finally decided I HAD to get this stupid photo done so I could move past it.  So, here I am, in silver.  Fuck you, silver.

Cami | – Basic Cami (Black)
Blazer | [ATOMIC] – Ritzy Blazer (Silver)
Jeans | – Designer Jeans (Regular Wash)
Hair | TRUTH – Isle (Espresso)
Skin | [ROCKBERRY] – Uma (Happy Holidays Hunt/Light)
Lashes | Cheap Makeup – Vintage Lash 1
Bracelet | Sole – Fook Leather Bracelet
Bracelet | Sole – Comp Leather Bracelet
Pose | [LAP] – JH Jazzy1


52 Weeks of Color – Cerise

December 21, 2010

I worked on two versions for this week.  And… might be working on a third.  I like pink, okay?!


Look #1

Skin | Glam Affair – Jadis (Yuki Edition 02 F)
Blazer | Decoy – Hooded Blazer (Pink)
Cami | – Basic Cami (Black)
Pants | – Trousers (White)
Pumps | – Dream Booties (Black)
Antlers | Hucci – Antler Ear Muffs (With Love From… hunt item)
Pose | Glitterati – Action 02

Look #2

Skin | [ROCKBERRY] – Kalista PlatinumHunt (light / blk brows)
Outfit | Barerose – Kunoichi Hotaru (PinkPurple)
Hair | !lamb. – DIY Haircut (Ink)
Eyeshadow | Cheap Makeup – Simmer me timbers 5
Pose | {.:exposeur:.} PewPew 1



52 Weeks of Color – Yellow

December 9, 2010

I hope Luna doesn’t have too many more weeks in the yellow family…  I think I’ve used everything yellow in my invvy already between this and goldenrod.  This week was a little different for me.  I took off my comfy skin and comfy hair and tried some poses and settings that were outside of my norms.  I also did something a little different with my pics for this week and put them into a little collage-y thingy.  And I want to give a disclaimer, just in case anyone is actually reading this for any fashion gems- everything in this post is edited in GIMP.  LOL   I matched the yellows up to each other, I modded and edited the birds in my hair, I don’t know what else I did, but these pics are not accurate to what you’d see inworld.  I’m not in love with the final result, of my avvie or the final picture collection, but stepping outside of the box is never comfortable, is it?

Have some yellow.

Shirt | – Basic Cami (Yellow)
Sweater | *elymode* – Joell Shrug (Black)
Jeans | [Decoy] – Inferno 88 (Charcoal)
Shoes | – Basic Flats (Yellow)
Hair | Clawtooth – A place to call home (Dusty Black) (Hair Fair Goodie Bag)
Birds | Clawtooth – A place to call home (birds) Valentine sweets
Necklace | Fusion – Wing Charm Necklace (With Love From… Hunt gift)
Skin | Mynerva – Elise I thought this time I’d keep all of my promises (Believe I never wanted this)

Poses | Photo 1 – {.:exposeur:.} – Geek Chic 5
Photo 2 – {.:exposeur:.} Geek Chic 1


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